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Discussion in 'EverQuest Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EQ, 9/29/13.

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    I am selling all 4 of my accounts on FV server, thought I had enough time to play but I dont and need to quit but I did get them all to lvl 90. First account lvl 90 Mage 42k hp 44k mana. Tier V merc, has HoT tier 4 access, has epic 2.0 with 100k plat. 1835 aa's. Top notch account. 2nd is lvl 90 necro 30k hp 35k mana, Tier V merc, has HoT tier 4 access. with 100k plat and has 574 aa's, all dot aa's.(has lvl 85 decent geard ranger and 80 stripped wizard) 3rd is lvl 90 bard 34k hp 31k mana, tier V merc, has Tier 4 HoT access with 239k plat. has 460 aa's. 4th is a lvl 90 mage and lvl 90 monk account. Mage has 32k hp and 35k mana. Tier V merc has fall of tae Ew for hot access. 140k plat. lvl 90 monk has 40k hp has Full visible lucid armor, just missing some non visable armor but can easily equip from bazaar with plat fro mage to get 50k hp. has 948 aa's. just need fall of the tae ew for tier 4 Hot access. just the mage and necro can easily solo hot mobs, I used the bard to pull and another mage for more dps allowing me to kill 40 mobs an hour easily. Make me an offer on any account I check back nightly since I work nights. I have secret answer for all and will talk to you on if you feel more comfartable. any question leave message
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.