[WTS] Sellin my level 30 LoL account.

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by LoL, 9/29/13.

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    Sup forums. Due to personal reasons, I can no longer dedicate my time to the game that is league of legends any more. My account, which I dedicated a lot of my time, effort, and money into, is something I must give up now. Instead of letting it rot away, ide like to get some of my money back. The account, is level 30 of course, with over 480 normal wins. It has a base ELO which is a little higher then the ELO you start with at 30 (never cared for ranked). Aside from the technical facts, I also have many goodies and unobtainable things. Four rune pages (full caster page, full AD carry page, full tank page, and a almost full crit chance page), almost EVERY champion to date unlocked (anivia, corki, galio, heimer, irelia, karthus, kassadin, malzahar, swain, and urgot are yet to be unlocked), numerous halloween 2010 skins which you can no longer get, christmas 2010 skins which after January 1st (i believe) will be no longer obtainable. Secondary skins I have unlocked go as followed :stinger akali, pharoah amumu, re gifted amumu (limited edition xmas 2010), Mundo mundo (limited edition halloween 2010), pumpkin fiddlesticks (limited edition halloween 2010), minute man gangplank, hextech janna, vandal jax, angler jax, red card katarina (discontinued skin as of halloween 2010, now unobtainable), spell thief lux, waterloo missfortune, chosen master yi, sinful succulence morgana, glacial olaf, myrmidon pantheon, ragdoll poppy (limited edition christmas 2010), chrome rammus, mad hatter shaco, riot singed (extremely difficult skin to acquire, only given out at riot playerup), hextech sion, pentakill sona, emerald taric, recon teemo, primal udyr, nosferatu vladimir (limited edition halloween 2010), big bad warwick, and imperial xin zhao. After a pretty accurate estimation, the rp alone on this account is over 150 dollars. All in all, best offer gets it. If needed, screen shots can and will be provided. The account has over 550 RP on it as of now as well.
Thread Status:
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