WTS: Sell NA aion Kahrun server Ranger.

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    Selling New server Kahrun Na aion account. Ranger 48 level Nick : Mazjus Sex:Male Race:Elyos Equipment:Krom bow +10 Fuse with 26 level Bow./Steel bears pirate jerkin Steel bear pirate shoes 44 lvl/Reaper leather gloves 40 lvl./Shulack pirate leather plaudrons and leggings 44 lvl./Manekeki hat 44 lvl./Abbys items: Belt 40 gold/ Ring 30 gold/ Earring 30 gold/ Necklase 40 gold./ Stigmas: Silence arrow IV/ Trap of slowing I/ Bestial fury I/ Sleep Arrow I/ Speed of wind I. Rank:6 21k Abbys points. Campaign quests All finished. Kinah in inventory abaut 3-5kk/In broker for sale items Many enchant stones L40-L50/Some blue items/ And in broker 1.7kk now. In warehause Many balic materials/Fluxes/Some items/Silence Godstone. Have legion but you can leave it if you want. I will put two screenschot now becouse i cant more my Aion Clien updating to 3.0 Again i will put more schreenshot later with my warehouse/inventory View image: Aion0004 View image: Aion0005 sorry but you cant find account in na.aiononline ''Charachter search'' now cuz i dont know why but we cant choose server kahrun. Maybe they will add later. My is: zygimantas.r Email is: [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.