WTS: [SELL] 94 Champ, 64 Skin, LvL 30 NA Silver Ranked LoL Account

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    Account Information: Normal Wins: 783 Current ranked stats for Season 3 Won: 13 Lost: 7 Win Ratio: 65% Silver Division Never been banned Have a few additional Summoner Icons from Christmas/Halloween Tier 3 Rune Full Sets: Marks (6): Armor, Physical Damage, Attack Speed, Magic Penetration, Armor Penetration Seals (3): Gold per 10, Mana Regen per LvL, Armor Glyphs (4): Health, Ability Power per LvL, Magic Resist per LvL, Magic Resist Quints (5): Ability Power, Gold per 10, Health, Movement Speed, Physical Damage Champions Owned: (94/112) Skins by Champion: (64 Skins) Ahri Foxfire Ahri (975rp) Dynasty Ahri (975rp) Midnight Ahri (975rp) Akali Crimson Akali (Not in store) Alistar Infernal Alistar (975rp) Matador Alistar (Not in store) Unchained Alistar (Free) Amumu Anivia Annie Frostfire Annie (975rp) Ashe Amethyst Ashe (975rp) Blitzcrank Brand Vandal Brand (520rp) Caitlyn Arctic Warfare Caitlyn (975rp) Safari Caitlyn (Not in store) Cassiopeia Mythic Cassiopeia (975rp) Cho'Gath Corki Diana Dark Valkyrie Diana (975rp) Dr. Mundo Elise Death Blossom Elise (975rp) Evelynn Ezreal Frosted Ezreal (520rp) Fiddlesticks Fiora Nightraven Fiora (975rp) Fizz Galio Enchanted Galio (520rp) Gangplank Spooky Gangplank (520rp) Garen Gragas Oktoberfest Gragas (975rp) Graves Hired Gun Graves (520rp) Irelia Frostblade Irelia (975rp) Nightblade Irelia (520rp) Janna Frost Queen Janna (975rp) Hextech Janna (975rp) Jarvan IV Jax Jayce Karthus Kassadin Katarina Slay Belle Katarina (Not in store. Was 975rp) Bilgewater Katarina (975rp) Kayle Judgment Kayle (free) Kennen Karate Kennen (520rp) Kha'Zix Mecha Kha'Zix (1350rp) Kog'Maw Deep Sea Kog'Maw (975rp) Sonoran Kog'Maw (Not in store) LeBlanc Lee Sin Muay Thai Lee Sin (975rp) Traditional Lee Sin (520rp) Leona Iron Solari Leona (975rp) Valkyrie Leona (520rp) Lulu Lux Spellthief Lux (975rp) Malphite Glacial Malphite (975rp) Maokai Master Yi Miss Fortune Mafia Miss Fortune (975rp) Mordekaiser Morgana Blackthorn Morgana (975rp) Sinful Succulence Morgana (975rp) Nami Koi Nami (975rp) Nasus Nidalee Nocturne Nunu Olaf Orianna Bladecraft Orianna (975rp) Pantheon Poppy Rammus Renekton Bloodfury Renekton (975rp) Galactic Renekton (520rp) Rengar Riven Championship Riven (Not in store. 975rp) Battle Bunny Riven (975rp) Redeemed Riven (975rp) Rumble Ryze Dark Crystal Ryze (975rp) Shen Shyvana Ironscale Shyvana (975rp) Singed Sion Sivir Bandit Sivir (975rp) Skarner Sona Arcade Sona (975rp) Guqin Sona (975rp) Soraka Swain Tyrant Swain (975rp) Syndra Justicar Syndra (975rp) Taric Teemo Tristana Riot Girl Tristana (Free) Buccaneer Tristana (520rp) Trundle Tryndamere Sultan Tryndamere (975rp) Twisted Fate Udyr Urgot Giant Enemy Crabgot (520rp) Varus Vayne Heartseeker Vayne (975rp) Dragonslayer Vayne (975rp) Aristocrat Vayne (520rp) Veigar Vi Neon Strike Vi (975rp) Vladimir Warwick Wukong Xerath Xin Zhao Yorick Zilean Zyra Wildfire Zyra (975rp) ================================= Min: $100 Bin: $200 I am new to this website. I'll be willing to use a in order to make this a safer transaction for the buyer or do what is necessary to make this a safe transaction for both parties.
Thread Status:
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