WTS: S3 Gold V account for sale! a lot of Champs & Skins!

Discussion in 'League of Legends Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by LoL, 9/28/13.

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    Hey guys i'm trying to sell my NA account Currently own all champs except for Lissandra, Wukong, Yorick, Swain & Malzahar. This account has 20 Rune pages and have almost all the runes you need. Also, 1059RP and 6970 IP remaining on it. It was ranked in Silver division in Season 2 and Gold V division in S3 [Currently 100LP 1 win 0 loss for promotion] List of Skins Midnight Ahri Blood Moon Akali Unchained Alistar Infernal Alistar Pharaoh Amumu Bird of Prey Anivia Noxus Hunter Anivia Blackfrost Anivia [Legendary] Goth Annie Frostfire Annie Sherwood Forest Ashe Queen Ashe Boom Boom Blitzcrank iBlitzcrank Officer Caitlyn Jurassic Cho'Gath Red Baron Corki [Legendary] Urfrider Corki Dragonwing Corki Masquerade Evelyn Riot Graves Angler Jax Slay Belle Katarina Aether Wing Kayle [Legendary] Jurassic Kog'Maw Mistletoe LeBlanc Dragon Fist Leesin Muay Thai Leesin Steel Legion Lux Secret Agent Miss Fortune Mafia Miss Fortune Koi Nami Leopard Nidalee Gothic Orianna Bladecraft Orianna Phoenix Quinn Battle Bunny Riven Championship Riven Tribal Ryze Masked Shaco Yellow Jacket Shen Surgeon Shen Blood Moon Shen Ironscale Shyvana Muse Sona Arcade Sona Celestine Soraka Pink Taric Deep Terror Thresh Riot Girl Tristana Tango Twisted Fate Underworld Twisted Fate Gangster Twitch Heartseeker Vayne Bad Santa Veigar Marquis Vladimir Vandal Vladimir Blood Lord Vladimir [Legendary] Warring Kingdom Xin Zhao Special Weapon Zac Shockblade Zed Snow Day Ziggs It has many Limited edition skins as well as some legendary skins. You can look up my profile at lolking - Search [HopeStyle] I accept Moneypak & Prepaid card methods only NO PAYPALand a will be used for the trade at my expenses. PM me with your offer and for more information!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.