WTS: S3 gold 1 account, s2 gold (banner/icon) ; very low mmrMiddleman Seller Guide

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    Looking to maybe get rid of my "smurf" acccount, that I've been playing on a decent amount. It only has 22 champions unlcocked, and currently sitting on 90 RP, and around 2500 IP. The account also has two rune pages (I mainly jungled, and played AD carry). The full rune-sets the account has are as follows: Marks: greater marks of attack damage (x9); greater mark of magic Pen (x9) Seals : Greater seal of attack damage (x9) Glyphs: Greater glyph of attack damage (x9) Quints: greater quint of attack damage (x3) - I also have more, but these are the "full" set's the account has (I have a few MR ones, etc). The account is currently sitting at Gold 1, with 0 LP. It has a very, very low MMR, with a 62.00% W/L ratio. Last season I was Gold, so I have the season 2 Banner, and summoner icon. I'm selling it because I need some money, and I already have a couple other accounts. Looking to sell via Paypal. My is brad.d50. I'm too lazy to take photo's, but if you contact me, I can share the summoner name, etc, and sign in on the account to verify its mine. Thanks EDIT: I only have one skin, and thats the victorious Janna one. - - - Updated - - - Bump - - - Updated - - - Updated with a Picture! - - - Updated - - - Willing to use MM services if the buyer requests. - - - Updated - - - Bump - - - Updated - - - bump - - - Updated - - - HMU.....
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