WTS: S2/s3 diamant account with tier!

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    Hey! I'm selling my EUW with free Transfere to Eu/N Account from S1! This Account got Diamant s2 so it have a Tier on Loading Screen! The Account got nearby all Champs only 4 Not! The skins I have are: Ahri: Firefox Akali: Blood moon and Crimson (legacy) Alistar: Unchained Amumu: Pharaoh Anivia: Bird of prey Annie: Panda Annie Ashe: Queen Ashe Blitzcrank: Piltovercustoms (legendary) Corki: Red Baron (Legacy/legendary) and Dragonrider Darius: Bioforge Diana: Dark Valkyrie Draven: Soul Reaver Ezreal: Pulsefire Ezreal (Theme) Nottingham (Legacy) and frosted. Fiddlesticks: Dark Candy (limited edition winter) Garen: Steel Legion Gragas: ESQ Grag Graves: Mafia Graves Irelia: Aviator and frostblade Jarvan: Warring kingdom Jax: Nemesis Jayce: Full Metal Karthus: Phantom Katarina: Slaybelle (limited edition winter) and sandstorm Kayle: Aetherwing (legendary) KhaZix: Mecha Kogmaw: Lion dance (legendary) Lee Sin: Dragonfist Leona: Iron Solari Lux: Steel Legion Malphite: Glacial Malzahar: Overlord Miss Fortune: Secret Agent Morganna: Blackthorn Nidalee: Pharaoh Olaf: Brolaf (legendary) Orianna: Bladecraft Pantheon: Full metal Riven: Battle bunny Shaco: Asylum Shen: Surgeon Shen, Warlord. Sona: Guqin and Arcade Tristana: Firefighter (Legendary/legacy) Twisted Fate: Tango Twitch: Kingpin (legacy) and gangster Vayne: Dragonslayer Veigar: Whitemage, greybeard, and bad santa (limited edition winter) Wukong: General and fire. Xerath: Scorched earth. XinZhao: WarringKingdom Yorick: Undertaker Ziggs: Pool party It's a pretty Account with a Nice Name! Never Banned! 17. FULL RUNEPAGES! SCAMMERS CAN GET LOST! ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL & PAYSAFE! PM ME YOUR NAME OR POST HERE! - - - Updated - - - #Bump
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.