WTS: S2 Plat, S3 Diamond NA Acct w/ Skins and Runes

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    Howdy everyone, as of late I have been getting much busier at work and have less time to play LoL, so I am looking to sell my main account. It is hard for me to part with it since I have spent 2 years playing on it and have won many tournaments and even played against many professional players with the account; however I am willing to sell it for the right price. This is a premium account so do not bother me if you are not a serious potential buyer. The account has over 1200 normal wins and was Platinum in season 2. It is currently Diamond 5 with 280 RP, 3000+ IP, AND a Platinum III ranked 5s team that the account is the leader of (which means you could sell slots on the team if you choose to for bonus $$). *Zero tribunal history, 250+ combined honor, and original owner* All 112 champions are currently unlocked and available for use. (That's over a $300 value if you only purchased HALF of the champions with RP). Please note that instead of showing over 11 rows of champions, I have a picture to show that none of the champions are left to purchase. The account has a full 20 runepages along with all the necessary runes to fit any play-style. It comes with 40 skins with the following combination of rare, legacy, legendary, holiday, and normal skins: Blood Moon Akali - 975 RP Unchained Alistar - Riot fan unlock Pharaoh Amumu - Legacy Hextech Anivia - 975 RP Frostfire Annie - 975 RP Amethyst Ashe - 975 RP Cryocore Brand - 975 RP Officer Caitlin - 975 RP Pulsefire Ezreal (plus icon) - Legendary Rugged Garen - 975 RP Mafia Graves - 975 RP Frostblade Irelia - 975 RP Victorius Janna - Only from Gold+ from Season 2 Darkforge Jarvin IV - 975 RP Nemesis Jax - 975 RP Slay Belle Katarina - Holiday Silver Kayle - Previous Retail Collector's Edition Judgement Kayle - Season 1 Artic Ops Kennen - 975 RP Mecha Kha'Zix - 1350 RP Prestigious LeBlanc - 520 RP Dragon Fist Lee Sin - 975 RP Steel Legion Lux - 975 RP Glacial Malphite - 975 RP Overlord Malzahar - 975 RP Haunted Maokai - Holiday Headhunter Master Yi - 975 RP Leopard Nidalee - Legacy Frozen Terror Nocturne - 975 RP Championship Riven - Season 2 Triumphant Ryze - Winning an official Riot tourney (2nd rarest skin) Workshop Shaco - Legacy Frozen Shen - Legacy Warlord Shen - 975 RP Bandit Sivir - 975 RP Riot Girl Tristana - Riot fan Battlecast Urgot - 975 RP Superb Villain Veiger - 975 RP Blood Lord Vladimir - Legendary Tundra Hunter Warwick - 520 RP That's over 30,000 RP worth of skins, PLUS 10 skins you can no longer purchase and Trophy Ryze (which you have to win). Here is proof of some of the rare ones: Lastly are some bonus icons I have accumulated over the years: As you can see, my main is a quality account. It has high rankings, all the champions, all necessary runes and runepages, lots of rare skins, and some bonus icons and team for you. Obviously, I am not going to part with the account without a good deal, so again don't waste my time if you aren't a serious potential buyer. If you are potential buyer, please post a reply here and then add my : leaguesdiamond I will not add you until you post on here first. I will screenshare to verify the account is mine and has all the above features upon finding a good deal.
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