WTS: s1 & s2 gold LoL-account, server EUW

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    Hello guys, As the title says, I'm selling a League of Legends account. It has around 40 skins, I can sum them all up in if you want but I'll mention the very cool and rare ones here (most of these are never coming back!). So the awesome skins I own are: Riot Singed, Haunting Nocturne, Bewitching Nidalee, Judegement Kayle, Goth Annie, Victorious Jarvan IV, War Hero Janna --> these are NEVER coming back. Other awesome skins are: Yellow Jacket Shen, Frozen Shen, Phantom Karthus, Festive Maokai, Nightmare Cho'Gath, Safari Caitlyn, Leopard Nidalee, Mr. Mundoverse --> those are legacy skins, they're not purchaseable at the moment but they might come back in a few years, it's still pretty cool if you have them now! Right I have some other skins too, but those are just regular ones so just ask me on what other skins I got. The account has 10 rune pages and a lot of runes, you should be able to build almost any rune page you want. Ranked stats: I had golden rating in season one and two, so I've got the golden summoner icons as well. I had some bad luck this season and I've lost my first 3 matches due to retards so I started with -150 elo, I have around 1270 elo at the moment but it's still early in the season, you can easily get to +1500 if you're good, that should not be a problem. As you can see on lolking, I'm currently in Silver IV Division. I guess that I've mentioned the most important things so if you have some questions, you can contact me on . I can also send you some screenshots etc. I prefer payment through Paypal or PSC. So just leave your , I'll add you and we can discuss the matter,
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