WTS Rubi-ka 1 (Atlantean) Decked out account 2x 220!

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    Account consists of a 220/22 Solitus Agent, 220/8 Atrox Soldier, 154/10 Atrox Enforcer, and some lowbies. All characters are clan and have a great history and reputation among the people who play the game. Agent has variety of items to switch around into, his bank is filled with different kinds of armors/items but I will list the major ones, same goes for the soldier, Soldier has Rookie pvp title and Agent has one of the highest/legit pvp titles in game. Agent: Adonis garden key, Pen/Inf -garden/sanct keys Scopes - 200 ELLTS/275 VE/Green Scope of Variety(Gemini Scope)/Enkindled Spirit Focus Agent star, 300 Defensive Shield(+30 dodge), Cross Dimensional Gyro of Gemini. Pande +50 Agil/Sense Belt, +50 Psychic/Intell Belt Alien NCUs, Enthusiastic Spirit Helper of the Leo, Well Balanced Spirit Helper of Libra, 300 Viral Compiler. Full ql 300 Combined Sharpshooter set, 2500 Board/tokens, 2x Goc's, GoS, Shroud of Darkest Night, Modified NotuComm Mesh coat(evade coat), Burden of Competence, Robust Backpack, Beast Pads, Different sets of arul saba bracers depending on damage output, hhab, +10 ring all the basic stuff. The agent also has a full set of ql 250++ symbiants, a ql 300 L-arm with mat mett and add all def in it, along with a 300 foot implant with evade/dodge/add all def in it. Soldier: Inf garden/sanct keys, 200 ELLTs, soldier star, APF belt, Enthusiastic Spirit Helper of the Leo, Well Balanced Spirit Helper of Libra, 2500 tokens/board. Full set of ql 300 Combined Commando's Armor, energy/hp arul sabas, hhab +10 ring, 2x GoC's, Dragon Chest, Robust Backpack/Burden of Competence. The soldier being a character that I haven't put asmuch time into has a lower ql set up of symbs, all of em are 210++. Enforcer: Used to be a 149 twink, but with the twink levels changed to 164 I haven't brought him all the way but he has a ql 205 Combined Merc set +Gaily Painted Hood(GPH) with a decent symb set up and 1000 tokens, he was in the process of being leveled up to 164 and he has all the symbiants that were suppouse to be twinked onto him at lvl 164 are in a backpack in his inv. Also have a NotuComm Mesh Coat on him(evade coat) a Robust Backpack and a 198 ELLTs laying around. All the characters have a various selection of weapons, especially the agent/soldier, depending on the situation/mood of the player you have a weapon for it. Weapons include alien weapons, pvp/pvm weapons. The account is fully decked out, and not to lie to you a rough estimate of credits on the whole account is around 4ish billion + just in credits, and items on all characters easily doubling that value. Also there is a ql 250 set of ability buffing symbiants/items including 2x ql 300 Teardrop rings (20agil/30sense on each). This is just a top of my head list, the account isn't currently active as I haven't been playing much latley anymore, but there has been alot of time/dedication put into the characters on that account to make them as effective as possible in their state. The amount I'm looking forward to for this account is $650 USD(Negotiable to a point), everything put together on the account would be worth way more but selling the account as a package thats the price I'm looking forward to. If you have any questions about the account you can contact me via email at [email protected], or you can leave me a msg on AIM at espforliffe.
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