[WTS] RPG15x GH85 with gear,SWM,COV,PP,items

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    Doomcryer with great fury,some skills overenchanted,lvl 84 Prophet with counter critical,some skills overenchanted as it was being prepared to farm oly,lvl 84,2 or 3 Arcana maces with active nuke augment Swordmuse with song of purification,many skills overenchanted,song of silence +15,arrest +16,.....,archers will learned,lvl 85 Ghost hunter 85 with full gear which means: -dynasty light set dagger master with some parts 120,some not finished to 120 yet,armor with PvP bonus -vesper shaper SA critical damage with 300 element,nice augment,PvP bonus -icarus dualdaggers +4 with 300 element,PvP bonus -many items for oly...weapons with nice augments,talismans,Nightmare light/robe set,Majestic light set with masterwork parts - +- 150k olympiad tokens -many overenchanted skills....3rd class skills +15,2nd class skills +13 and more,backstab and deadly blow +20++ -elemental protection,protection of alignment,fighter's will items: Angel slayer SA haste 150 element Dynasty heavy platinum set with shield master pad,elemented more than 60 Baium ring Frintezza necklace Adena Forgotten scroll from gracia(you can choose which one you want) Chars are going to be sold just with all items as are listed,exception could be some really nice offer for some single item from char's inventory.Accepting paypal only. Waiting your offers to private message,please avoid messages like "how much?,what you want?,..." Hope to see my characters rolling ingame soon;-) going to edit first topic with infos about items already sold/updates
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.