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    WTS list only for real money no items in other servers. Character List 83 Hell Knight Noblesse 81 Eva Saint noblesse 79 Heirophant noblesse 79 Ghost Hunter sub quest started about half way done 80 Fortune Seeker noblesse 77 Maestro ( all bsps/ss/sps recs learned along with all major crafting recipes needed all learned , tons D/C/B/A/S crystals , Alot of gemstones A/S , amazing amount of mats ) 64 Shilen Elder ( buff whore ) 77 Saggitarius subclass done 80 Stormscreamer noblesse SOLD Drac set +4333 Drac Bow +6 Focus 190 fire Angel Slayer crt dmg 220 fire DC robe set +5543 SOLD Majestic Light set +6433 Forgotten Blade Focus +5 220 holy 2x AM acumen 180 holy/ 230 wind both +3 2xQueen Ant ring Zaken Earring SOLD Baium Ring 2x Orfen 2x Core Alot of adena Alot of MSS / hellfire oil 9 giant codex Great Wolf lvl 65 top equipment 9500 Silver coins TTS jewl set neck +5/earrings +4/4/rings +5/3 4x Valhalla acumens all +3 1 +6 Heavens Divider +3 150 fire Tallum Heavy set +4333 Nightmare Robe set unsealed all 0 Nightmare light set +5545 SOM acumen +4 Red 13 4x Blue 12 2x 44 Divine Stone 33 Dark Stone 56 Wind Stone 63 Earth Stone 88 Fire Stone 43 Water Stone 51 Contained Life Force Antharas Earring Frintezza Necklace Each char belonged to someone obviously who all quit , each char will be sold individually with the consent of its owners buy over package deals available depending on how much you buy , Leave your address in my pm box or here if you offer or ask prices here without a address posted you will be ignored P.S dont spam my topic.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.