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    I want to sell character Doombringer 85lvl (Nobless) Subclass Soul breaker 78lvl/Trickster78lvl/Judicator79lvl 10% to 80lvl i have on the character equipment: Cloak of Greenery, +6 Vesper Nagan+Health 300 element, +4 Laevateinn 150 Dark (in wh is 12 blue for focus this weapon is to judicator) +4 Zaken's Earring, +3 Frintezza's Necklace, +5 Ring Of Queen Ant, +2 Oly Jewelry (olympiad warrior) i have point for next oly jewelry OR 2 TTS Ring and Earring Dynasty Set [PvP] full elements (Water,Wind,Earth,Fire,Holy)(120) and enchant +4/+4/+4/+4/+4+Holy Spirit Cloak, Draconic [PvP] Set full dark element (60) enchant +4/+3/+3/+3 Majestic LA set [PvP] enchant +4/+3/+3/+3 Dark Crystal LA set Blue Wolf LA set +4 Mithril Shirt - CP, +3Low-Grade Magic Pouch Mithril Belt, Mithril Bracelet other weapon who have argument (Celestial shield/Refresh/Resurrection/Unlock/Blessed Body/Blessed Soul/Trick/Empower/Vampiric Rage/Focus) A lot of talismans (Divine/Max Clariti,etc) Assassin's Bamboo hat and Straw hat on character is 700kk of money Character have loaded Skills: -Protection Of Rune -Protection Of Elemental -Protection Of Alignment Skill Enchant for 2 class -Disarm+30 and other skill which you must to use on pvp or pve enchant from 9 to 22 Skill Enchant for 3 class -9-15 all pm for more info and contact interested me euro €/ dolars $ SOLD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.