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    ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SOLD Want to Sell Rorqual Pilot (with account) Character has Main clone with: Implants +4 Perception : Ocular Filter - Standard +4 Memory : Memory Augmentation - Standard +4 Willpower : Neural Boost - Standard +4 Intelligence : Cybernetic Subprocessor - Standard +4 Charisma : Social Adaptation Chip - Standard Slot 10 : Mining Foreman Mindlink Also has 3 additional Jump Clones (without implants) Character has 3 Neural Remap's available SKILLS - Just under 18Mil SP ======== Known Skills: 74 Skills at Level V: 23 Level V Skill list: Drone Sharpshooting Drones Scout Drone Operation Electronics Ice Harvesting Industry Mining Refinery Efficiency Refining Leadership Mining Director Mining Foreman Wing Command (Level IV) Evasive Maneuvering Navigation Warp Drive Operation Astrogeology Cybernetics Science Infomorph Psychology (Level IV) Advanced Spaceship Command Exhumers Industrial Command Ships Mining Barge Spaceship Command Account Has 10+ days left & I can include PLEX with the account for $10 each Asking Price: ://gemblog.nl/skill/ values the account at just over 5,2Bil ISK I'm asking $150 or the best offer I can get. Payment via Verified Paypal only (I am Verified) Payment only accepted as a Gift on Paypal (other payments will be refunded) Contact Details : Kav1902eve (prefered contact method) : [email protected] PM or email is fine too if that's easier for you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.