WTS RK2 220 Trader, 220 Soldier, 220 Agent, Stacked account with Great Twinks

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    This account is on RK2, It has about 200m in actual credits on the entire account, but all characters are in alien armors, and have top gear equipped, there are absolutely no gimp characters on this account. 220/16 Atrox Agent - This toon is casting all top nanos, including true profession, great pvp toon 220/21 Solitus Soldier - My first 220, he is extremely well geared, has over 3.5k AR, and has both items to swap between a pvp setup or a pvm setup. 220/21 Opifex Trader - I built this character around pvp, he is top geared, very fun in battlestations, although made for pvp, he has all the item swaps for a good pvm toon also. 170/16 Trox Enforcer - Total Twink, Ive been ranked as one of the top 5 enforcer twinks on rk2, I dont want to list too much detail on this character because it would instanlty give away the identity of this character, but list includes 265+ Combined Mercs set, very very very rare weapon setup, he is not a cookie cutter SoW enforcer, theres only 2 enforcers setup on the entire server like this one that I know of. 165/11 Nano NT - Just a fun NT twink, triple *****, didnt use him for much more than pissing people off in Battlestations. 150/14 Opifex MA - Sec10 Twink, has Dchest, 225 Ofab pants, great equip, easy soloing for credits inside sec10, used this as my cash cow. 156/9 Atrox Doc - Was my side project, not as well equipped as the other toons on the account but he wasnt meant to be a twink, I was leveling him up. Still a fun playable leveling character, could easily be made into a 164 Doctor twink 60/2 Nano NT - Was going to make this one into a 74 Twink for towers/Battlestations but never got around to it, Havent logged it in awhile but I do believe most of the twink items were already on the character and had a lot of the rare items already on-hand. I dont quite remember the exact levels of the other toons, but I did have a 140-150ish Trox shade on RK1, as well as a Keeper that was level 80ish on RK1. I want to point out that I am not the owner of this account, the owner is a real life friend and I recently sold both of my personal accounts on this website, He has asked me to post his account to sale for him, You can contact myself through [email protected] or leave replys here, I do not know how much he is wanting for the account but I will forward all replys to him and let you know what he decides. Thank you
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