WTS: RK1 - Endgame 220 fixer & 220 Soldier

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    220 Omni Solitus Fixer AI 24+ Research: 70 Equip; Ofab Ring / [email protected] Superior Icy Shoulderpads of Explosive Power 2500 Xan Defense Board Perfected Infused Dust Brigade Bracer Ancient Masterpiece Bracer Shadowweb Spinner MK XI Fly Catchers Specs Beast Pads 275 Mystical Force Tight Boots 300 Ofab Sleeves x2 300 Ofab Body Armor Special Edition Ofab Fixer Helmet Full Set of Armor from DB Instances Notable Huds/Utils: Xan's Viral Belt Component Platform Mar's Yellow Belt Ancient Defender Superior Ancient Combat Tuner Stellar Fixer Nanodeck Advanced Ancient Combat Tuner 220 NCU Hacker Interface (75 nanoskills now) Implants/Symbs 275 EoE AAO/Evade Foot Alphas Equiped in other spots Nanos: Has all notable nanos except for APFs 220 Omni Solitus Soldier Wont go into great detail on soldier cause he hasnt been updated with all the new LoX items; He does have; All Ofab farmed (Chest/Gloves/Sleeves/2x Shoulderpads/Back/Ring/Special Helm) Leo Boots Dshark Star & Soldier Nanodeck All Research Lines leveled up to at least 9 Inferno Key DB Quest fully completed (all DB nanos) 1400 Tokens (easily upped to 2500) Lord Of Anger (Xan Assault Rifle For more info on soldier PM or IM me. Alternate Characters 174/14 Fixer 167/3 167/3 Soldier 164/12 164/11 Engineer 141/6 141/6 Enforcer 133/8 ]133/8 Keeper Looking for large sum of credits on rk1, trade for an endgame doctor/engineer, or sale for USD. Thanks for reading, please contact me with any questions.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.