WTS rk1 220 Sol

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    220/24+ Sol (soli) -Full xan alphas in (HD/Def feet imp, Synd Brain) -Anger of the Xan -All infused/non Ancient Units/Ancient Tuners -Pref Dust Bracer/Mast Bracer -Xan Def/Off Exemplar Boards -Stellar nano deck -Signet of The Apocalypse (Upgraded HHAB) -Xan viral belt -ACDC -All ql300 ofab/ring -All nanos/quests done -Haitte's css helm -200 supernova/300 ec3 -Leo Pads/boots/NCU -all research complete -Beast Pads/BOC -50k VP 172/15+ Advy (soli) -(HI) Fly Catcher SPecs -209 Com Relay -Bazzit Quest complete -Has Wen-Wen -1k pvp board -Rean Gladiator cloak -Thin Cama Padx2 -Sac Pen key -ql200 Hardcore CPU -Persisting/Vigorous symbs -10k VP 150/10+ Sol (soli) -(HI) Fly Catcher Specs -Chosen Padsx2 -1k pvp board -Ado brain -Fredy Sleeves -PATA -3rd spec complete/Top nanos -200 ofab pants/18k VP -Bazzit quest complete 60/5+ Keep (trox) -Full proactive set -300 Tara sword -Bag full of nanos 60/2+ Agen (soli) -Pelisse Cape Brief on each toon all are omni and on rk1 for price add me on at [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.