WTS RK 2 - 220 NT 220 Keeper acc + 2 additional full expansion accounts,

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    Hey, I've been playing this game way too much and I simply want to quit now. My characters, 191 MA - stripped, only used to farm the org's city, Squad commander for turning on and off city cloaks. 220 NT - QL 300 Combined Scouts Sleevesx2/gloves/boots/pants 220 Keeper Atrox - ql 300 Pen Ult OFAB / Nothing on the hands/boots / Pride of the Xan, 1600 ish tokens, 150 MA - S10 twink, his gear is stripped for now, most symbiants are still in, missing enduring support head which is on my doctor 150 Soldier - Stripped 217 - Shade , ql 225 Combined mercenary sleeves x2 Deceit of the Xan / Hacked Medi blade / Blood soaked cloak/ NODROP items Items laying around, Perfected Infused Dustbrigade Bracerx2 ( 220 keeper 220 nt) Imbued Globe of Clarity x2 QL 205 Combined Commando Gloves QL 215 Combined Commando Sleeves x2 QL 215 Combined Commando Pants QL 215 Combined Commando Boots QL 223 Combined Mercenary Head Heavy Notum Tank Armor x2 Modified NotuComm Mesh Trenchcoat Protected Safeguarded NCU QL 300 Spirit Infused Yuttos Memories x4 QL 300 Infused Viral Compiler x1 There are lots of more items, currently estimated worth of gear is about 4-5bil in symbs and gear not mentioned. I accept Paypal only, sorry I will even give you my phone number so that we can talk about final pricings, Starting Bid is at $250 Leave your Offer, and email. I will contact you and exchange more information. Thank you. The buyer of this account will receive 2 additional accounts, currently unpaid for, yet with a few weeks left of free game play First account - 150 MA - Atrox Second account - 150 MA - Opifex 150 Keeper - Atrox
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