WTS Rift acc - Rogue R5/HK rdy, +200 plat, (alts lvl50 war, lvl 37 cleric) DEFIANT-EU

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    Account is still playable, subscription is active until February 2, 2012 ( ?20 worth of playtime) Level 50 characters are currently located at Steampike-EU shard - Defiants side, you can transfer for FREE every 7 days to most of EU shards (both pve and pvp kinds), and you can use transfer option as well for free name change. The account comes in general with: - 6 month's subscription veteran rewards (+100% favor, prestige and experience potions, your personal vendor, faction social armor) - 2 x lvl 50 characters (Rogue, Warrior) and lvl 37 Cleric - over 200 platinum - maxed 8 out of 9 professions (fairly easy moneymaker if you're into harvesting/crafting) Main Char: ROGUE (lvl 50, Eth/male) PvE: Mix of r5 and t1/t2 expert dungeons dps gear (full epic), with T3 dagger from Master DD. Currently at 267 hit without weapon runes, so you just get those (+39) and got +300, needed for Hammerknell. PvP: Rank 5, already owns all R5 gear (armor, weapons, trinket, synergy crystal), has PvP source engine with epic lessers and valor essences (currently at 1001 valor = 40% reduction of pvp dmg taken). Atm it has got +100k favor (pvp currency) and 90k prestige towards the rank 6. Mount: fastest ingame mount (110% speed, cost 125 plat) Roles: bought all 5 roles (5th cost 100 plat), trained all souls Ascended powers: Quantum Sight (you can find alternate artifacts and 10man instances entrance) Planar attunement: Many levels spent already ( 3 extra planar charges, out of combat speed increase, mount movement speed increase, soul walking speed increas, swim speed increase etc) Currencies: Planarite 2k/, Incscribed Sourcestones 96, Plaques Of Achievement 167, Marks of Ascension 37, Master Craftman's Marks 3, Artisan Marks 440 Professions: Outfitter 300/300, Butchering 300/300 , Foraging 300/300 Alt no. 1: WARRIOR (lvl 50, Bahmi/male) PvE: mix of t1/t2 expert dungeon dps gear (full epic), currently at 166 hit without weapon runes (with those can cap +200 for t3 raids - River of Souls + GSB) PvP: rank 1, no pvp gear Currencies: Planarite 7k, Inscribed sourcestone 55, Plaques of Achievement 110, Marks of Ascension 4, Artisan Marks 210 Professions: Armorsmith 300/300, Mining 300/300, Weaponsmith 300/300 Alt no. 2: CLERIC (lvl 37, Bahmi/male) Leveling gear, mostly blues from dungeons. Professions: Apothecary 300/300, Runecrafter 300/300, Outfitter 162/30 (6 Master Craftsman's Mark atm) Only accepted way of payment is PayPal, once the payment is cleared you will receive the account details (including email, account password and security questions). Price: 110gbp / 130eur Any questions or screenshots available upon request, just PM me. Also availaible to buy off at PlayerUp cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...m=110777630306
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