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    Hello All! Today i want to start my own Referral service with quite good prices. I have done that service on Polish forums and auction sites (like playerup.com). Features of my service : - Referrals are made on RAF 2.0 - every account will be leveled up to lvl 10. - Random Accounts where username, email, birthdate are random. Usernames are based on "real nicknames list". - Referrals are done for players on N-A, Eu West/NE. When other servers will implement RAF function i can make my service on these servers too. - I make 40-60 referrals per day (Now 20 referrals per day due to Riot bug - they disabled free 400 rp for 3 lvl accounts soo im not able to get exp boosts) NOTE: I accept Euro too, just make the conversion to know the price or check my EU thread. Don't ask me to do service first and pay after, If you want first buy few refs to test the service. Plus I'm not responsible by RIOT actions. Use in your own risk. Payment methods which i accept atm : Paypal PaySafeCards Contact : - : DarQScreaM (With that avatar : AVATAR ) - Private massage FAQ - Before you buy : a) How i make them : - I am using numerous virtual machines on my dedicated heavy hardware. - Every virtual machine is working through proxy - I am using macro script bot which is playing dominion custom games (mostly winning them) b) Risk : - Riot can ban you from RAF system and take away the rewards and stuff you bought with rewards of Refs. - Riot Bans come in "banwave" and could be after 1 month or 1 time each month. - Riot doesn't ban you from playing the game. - It's trusted that chance of getting ban it's about 15-20% for orders of 100 refs 2. - Less refs should mean less probability, IP orders also should mean less probability. c) Informations : - REFS2 = 10lvl account, REFS1 = 5lvl account. - 5lvl accounts gives you 250 IP per each. - REFS take time to update in the page and some days to be done, they are not instant! Any order will take at least 2 days since the order is made. ATTENTION! I know that im new user there soo i want to make free 5 referrals for 5 first well known persons on this forum to get vouch. After getting these referrals please comment in my thread soo i can post your words in my thread as a vouch for me.
Thread Status:
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