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    This is a sale for one of the 5 ONLY +15 Bakarma EXTENDABLE Spear Glads on Telemachus The glad has an amazing Skin set Dyed white with full 40e +15,10,10,10,10 BAKARMA SPEAR +15! all fully socketed to the perfect Stones Acc/Crit/Hp This glad setup destroys 90% of all classes even full Brigade General Eternal gear. The Acc's are 3 parts Eternal PVP and 2 55 Pvp with 1 50 pvp Piece 3k Damage godstone on the spear which oneshots people when you do a crit hit. Spear is combined with 40e Which gives more acc. This is the rarest spear to get to +15 in game and it is exlusive only to 5 people so far that i know of. Glad has enough Crucible tokens and insigs to buy a full crucible set pvp! ( its probably best to wait for the 3.0 gear though) The sin Has dual EXTENDABLE SWORDS +10!!! full 30 elite + 10 as standard with full attack socketed 3 parts crucible gear full socketed (i think its 3 or 2) Reason I am selling is because i have landed a new job which will mean I cannot play any more but I have had a lot of fun playing on tele but i never took these chars as far as they couldve gone. SM is full eternall Pvp gear ( crucible) with Sw Tome/attack speed combine which is amazingly fast in pvp with 3/5 acc it is a demon in 1v1s / group pvp there are loads of other things included like lucky wings on all chars and theres a cleric that has 200 kap in crowns (level 30 i think) that can be used for twinking this is all on one account and there are all sorts of items in the warehouse that i cannot remember & there are tons of pets on the glad and sm and sin. The glad is the main star as if you have played against a +15 Bakarma spear glady you will know how insanely fun they are to play as they hit 1k - 2.5 k often. Whisper offers or post them as this is a very rare buy! I've had a starting offer of £190 but the person was a noob so i would rather sell this to someone who knows how to play or is a natural. If anyone wants any info or has questions about any of the chars feel free to post
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.