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    Heya i wanna sell 2 Accounts! First Account: rk1, lvl220, ai25, Omni Trader -full beta symbs equipped -Haitte's Combined Sharpshooter's Headwear -Xan's Viral Belt Component Platform+Stellar Trader Nanodeck -Perfected Infused Dust Brigade Bracer -Masterpiece Ancient Bracer -Superior Icy Shoulderpads of Explosive Power -2,5k Tokenboard -Quests Done -Research Done (le70) -Greed of the Xan+Ofab Silverback Mk 6 -Victory Points: 84457 -and other Phatz On this Account is also a tl5 Char, lvl170, AI21 Enfo! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Second Account: All Toons on rk1 but(!) transfered from rk3, so nobody know you! 220 Omni NT AI20+ -alot of Ofab, Beast, db, alb Stuff -Masterpiece Ancient Bracer -2,5k Tokenboard -Superior Icy Shoulderpads of the Powerful Mind -many important Nanos, Nanobot Guard, Nanobot Shielding, Superior Nanobot Shelter from the SL Quests -rare Nanos like Nullity Sphere MK II, Izgimmer's Mockery 217 Clan Enforcer -Burden -2,5k Tokenboard -has A piece of cloth, Brute's Gem, Nano Crystal (Improved Essence of Behemoth), Nano Crystal (Mongo's Ultra Improved Behemoth) in inventory 212 omni MP -have Dreadloch Tigress (as bow) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Note: I'm NOT INTERESTED IN OTHER ACCOUNTS! Interested in: Real Cash, Paypal Only! Or maybe InGame rk1 Creds, QL300 CC/CSS Armor but i prefer Real Cash! : [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.