WTS Rare AoC (US) Account Better than CE

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    I have lost faith in AoC and my account is very rare as it has more than even the collectors edition. This account is also payed up till April 02 2009, also has the free character transfers for all my toons so you'll be able to throw this account to any server you wish (free character transfer only valid till Feb 21 2009) First off for the /Claim items with this account. *Purple Snow Mammoth *Red Snow Mammoth *Blue Snow Mammoth *War Mammoth *Killer Rhino *Bag of Holding *Kosalan Talisman of Clarity *The Amazon Curved Bow *Totem of Origins *The Enruned Kosalan Ring *The Drinking Cape *The Ring of Acheron Picture of my /Claim items can be viewed here Disregard "Next Payment Date" as it is set to 2009-04-02. Now for my toons: (All on Tyranny Server) Lv.80 Gaurdian full T1/T2 Gear (Minus the T2 helm) PvP Lv.3 (All PvP gear up to Lv.3 PvP) Armoured Mount and Regular Mount 100g Full Armorsmithing/Weaponsmithing Several Lv.80 armor/weapon recipe's read All master resource collecting (minus weaving and skinning) Also has a lot of T3 resources and rare resources Lv.70 Dark Templar (only has T1 belt) But best items to Lv.70 PvP Lv.0 Regular Mount 10g No tradeskills set No resource collecting Has alot of 20 stacks of Alchmey items. Lv.36 Barbarian all blue items (Used for PVP) PvP Lv.1 Regular mount and Basic riding book in storage. 5g No tradeskills set No resource collecting I will only take into consideration serious offers, Payment via PayPal or Westerunion. I will only give the account to the buyer after all payment is cleared.
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