Selling WTS Rank Boost EU/NA. Fast! Cheap! Professional!

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    I'm a german high rank booster. Being Top 100 EU since Alpha and boosting since preseason.
    Completed many boosts. I'm able to boost on EU and NA Servers.

    Pay method: Verified Paypal (Family & Friends)


    Coaching: 15€ Per Hour
    Placements: 30€ (I guarantee 7/10 Wins or Diamond after placements)
    Bronze Rank: 6€ Per Devision
    Bronze to Silver: 9€
    Silver Rank: 9€ Per Devision
    Silver to Gold: 12€
    Gold Rank: 12€ Per Devision
    Gold to Platinum: 20€
    Platinum Rank: 20€ Per Devision
    Platinum to Diamond: 30€
    Diamond 5 to Diamond 4: 30€
    Diamond 4 to Diamond 3: 35€
    Diamond 3 to Diamond 2: 40€
    Diamond 2 to Diamond 1: 50€
    Diamond 1 to Master: 80€
    Master to Grandmaster: 250€ (depends on the points needed)

    DuoQ Boosting is possible if the customer can provide an account or I'm doing a solo boost at that Rank.
    DuoQ: (+50% of the price)

    Replays, Stream, DuoQ voice possible for some extra money.

    Screenshots of completed boosts:

    Contact me:
    Skype: Asumat101
    Email: [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.