WTS Rank 5 Guardian Warrior

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    Level 50, Rank 5 prestige Methosian Warrior located on Recliamer *Guardian* side shard. Gear equipped includes the following: Head: Tacticians Helm. Shoulders: Tacticians Shoulderguards Chest: Tacticians Breastplate Gloves: Sentinel's Gauntlets Belt: Sentinel's Belt L: Tacticians Greaves Boots: Sentinel's Boots Weapon: Sentinel's Battle Axe: (38.0 Damage Per Second) (101-188 Damage) (Top PvP axe in the game) Ranged Weapon: Brutal Shadethorn Bow Neck: Platinum Gorget Trinket: Overseer's Rage (Currently only 150 otherworldly shards from the death world event epic trinket) (Could have it before your purchase) Ring 1: Sentinel's Insignia Ring 2: Sentinel's Insignia Planar Focus: Sigil of Five (Cost 7500 Planarite) Planar essences: Grave Maker, Insolent Survival, Scorched Pride, Endless Mastery. Stats: Endurance: 345 (Tops in at 7209 Hp!) Strength: 393 Valor (371) Dexterity 240 Attack power: 463 Physical Crit: 379 (14.37% Crit) Currencies:Planarite: 476 Platinum: 20 Platinum Corrupted Source Shard: 3 Vile SourceShard: 1 Ancient Sourceshard: 3 Favor: 22753 Notoriety/Reputation: Unspoken: Decorated Caretakers: Revered PvP Titles: Captain, Lieutenant, Sergeant, Corporal. *Will show in game if needed! *25 days left of playtime! Contact List: AIM: Alluhdaday -I'm looking for around $225.
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