WTS: Ranger 60lvl and Assassin 60lvl Tiamat Server (Elyos) Cheap

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    Since i found a job a have no time to play therefore i am selling my account. Both are on the same account. Ranger lvl60 Kahrun's Longbow +10 combined with Coliseum Champion's Flatbow Full Tiamat Guards Armor +1 with Attack+5 and crit+17 Manastones Full Soma's armor except Gloves(But you can buy them) (x2) Pagati Loper Alchemy 499 Motion:Hoovering and ninja Title: Miragent Holy Templar 78 kahrun symbols 30 platinum medal 45 mithril medal 25.405 crucible insignias 1.822 Courage Insignias 388.320 Abyss Points 14 Arena Of Glory Ticket All Stigmas Assassin 60lvl Vasharti's Dagger +2 Noble Coliseum Champions Brand +3 Daramata's Wings Kahruns Hat kahruns leather belt kahruns cordurum earing Tiamaranta's Corundum Earrings kahruns corundum rings(x2) Guardian Centurion's Garnet Necklace Tiamat Guards Jerkin Somas Shoulderguards Guardian Squad Leader's Breeches +10 Guardian Squad Leader's Boots +10 Elite Guardian Tribunus's Vambrace +10 All items have full +5 Attack Manastones(except guardian squads that have +4, but they are 6 sloted) 642.000 Abbys Points 60 platinum medal 39 mithril medal 4.470 crucible insignia 187 courage insignia 8 Arena Of Glory Tickets 50 kahrun symbol Motion: Ninja Pagati Veyron Price would be around 200$ Add me on : vlasis.blaise or message me here.
Thread Status:
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