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    120 euros INFO: my country is not suported by paypal (mtherfckers!) so i can not create accout there sadly and i dont have any choice to trade except western union. u know what that is so there wont be any problem. fees there r higher (again motherfckers!) so account will cost 100 euros (i will get 20euros off for fee cost) ty for understanding WTS Ranger 55 lvl, Templar 48lvl, Assasin 34lvl, Sorcer 30lvl, Gladiator 30lvl telemachus eu RANGER 55 LVL GEAR lvl 40 elite pvp set (2+ enchanted) + bow (4+ enchanted) + pvp accesories 3 parts miragent (theres around 20 bbbs in stock, tailoring hhom design acquired) skill bar set nicely, rly fast, simple and efective PvPvE killing layout CRAFT 450+ tailoring (master) 499 handicraft (expert) GATHERING 490+ ground 450+ aether morphing designs ftw KINAH & STOCK theres around 40-50mill live kinah and in warehouse theres a lot mats and all kind of items, due to fact that this acc has crafting lvled (that also means lots of nice designs, + for example theres lot of balaurs mats, theres only 3k++ nany logs that goes for around 7k each or u can start crafting nany bow, as i intended) + all kind of other items so i dont have any idea how many mills kinah in items BONUS: i have a thing for char looks, hehehe, its like a fetish of mine so main char is sexy girl uber great!!! remodeled dyed white, temp is mucular male also great great!!! remodeled not completely white dyed, miss few parts + theres alts warehouse full of leather and plate remodels of all kinds and sizes!!! i proly missed to mention smthin... GUILD character is in one of top guilds, that runes in lot of games and exists for many years, they r great guys, organized and rly helpfull, they go sieges + they go instances so whatever is ur play stile u can enjoy urself there, or u can leave , in any case u wont have probs there hehe TEMPLAR 48 LVL GEAR 3 gold, 2 blue parts gs, warhamer (extendable) and shield, all gold i got gear for him good for pve tanking, wanted to wait till lvl 50 to get great gear for him and not waste kinah before, so it has good pve gear to go in instances and lvl up, for pvp is mediocre more player skill dependable got him ap stigmas CRAFT 260+ alchemy good for craft + sell pots have mats in warehouse and guild warehouse morph ftw ASSASIN 34, GLADIATOR 30, SORC 30 alts made for daeva lvl 30 set, at the moment set + wep is plate so its on gladiator ALL ALTS HAVE NAME CHANGE TICKETS!!! Account has 13 months veteran reward prizes Ask me what u whant to know if i missed smthin. All this together, believe it or not goes for my appartement rent for 120euros(or give me ur offer). So u get great account whit rly great stuff, u have everything u need for any play style, to do whatever u whant whit any char and kinah, craft, gather to support it, uhh what else, well u have rly lot lot lot here and its only 120 euros. I already traded here, sold my account from some other game, archlord , the trade was nice and smoth, guy send me money by western union and i gaved him account, everything went beautifuly. as for trade vouch i have that fact and also have friend here that can tell u that im ok. CLICK HERE FOR VOUCH and also whant to use this oportunity to thx again to Minera and Ritalmania! So pm me and lets make a deal!!! PS. ITS ELYOUS, forgot to mention that lol
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