[WTS] ranger 50 full fenlris asmodia telemachus

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    WTS ranger 50 asmodian on telemachus: full fenlir geared, elite set pvp lv 40 3/5, anuhart set 4/5, 300k abyss point in item inside the ware house fenlirs weapon is clear and atm i'm used black dragon kin bow merged whit anuhart bow+10, 26 golden medals, 10kk kinah, other item for craft sellable for other 10-15kk kinah, cooking 449- handicrafting 399 *****************************************************. On the same server there is also a chanter lv 50 not bad geared armorsmithing 250 ***************************************************** And a gladiator lv 43 full daevanion whit kromede gs merged whit daevanion gs and expert polearm lv 35 ***************************************************** There are also other 3 char : cleric 30- templar 31- assassin 25 and a lot of mats for balic normal craft.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.