WTS: Quitting Eve and Selling 4 Accounts

Discussion in 'Eve Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EVE, 9/26/13.

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    Hey everyone, I am quitting Eve Online, and I want to sell all 4 of my accounts. Caldari PvP/Industry Toon - 16.2 Mil SP - Capital Pilot in training. Can Fly a Chimera, used mostly for ratting. - Black Ops capable. Needs more work, but has a Widow. - ECM - Probably about 2-3 Billion ISK if all assets liquidated. Caldari PI/Hauler - 7.8 Mil SP - About a week from a Rhea. (Missing JCAL, but almost done) - Freighter 4 (can fly a Charon) - Transport Ships (can fly a Crane) - Near perfect PI skills (missing L5 in 2 skills you don't need at 5) Gallente Miner - 4.6 Mil SP (Might be claimed, will update if buyer backs out) - Exhumers 4 - T2 Mining Upgrades - T2 Strips - Orca (Can Fly) - T2 Drones - T2 Shield Hardeners Gallente PvP - 10.6 Mil SP - Pure Gallente --Frig 5 --Cruiser 5 (Can fly every T2 Cruiser (HAC needs book)) --T3 Cruiser (Proteus) - T2 Medium Blasters & Rails - T2 Gal Drones - Approximately 1 bil ISK in assets. Willing to entertain reasonable offers, but overall looking to get $200-300 total (aka what I expect to have after all 4 sell). Buying multiples, or all accounts together is also accepted. NOTE: I reserve the right to not sell if I feel the offer is unreasonable. However, I will not lead anyone on if I feel the price is too low. Also, I have been burned before, so apologies if I am overly cautious.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.