WTS pvp tweaked sin w/AA US acc

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    I'd like to sell my Aoc account because this game does not hold my interest anymore. It's US based and all of my 80s are on Tyranny. I've got RotGS, tortage survival and all the extra fluffs tied to the account, not to mention the surplus of veteran tokens available. I have it activated till 2011-08 so I can show you the characer in game, or screenshots if you want. I have 4 80s currently: Assassin, ranger, hox and necromancer. 80 PVP5 (94%) Assassin this guy is my main and I've put hours into him. Yeah I know he's only 6% to PVP6 but I just can't play this game anymore. Stats are tweaked for PVP, but he tears mobs up just as easily. ~400 dps (2x Widows pain, obsolete epic) 220 CDI (2x pvp5 daggers) 20% armor (w/BK buff) 30-33% prot (w/BK buff, mages don't stand a chance) k/d 6k to 4k 20% crit chance (really insane) +21% crit dmg My gear is a mix of t1, pvp, cultural, world epics and khitai purps, pretty much the best money can buy at this level. I dont do lots of raid so I've only got bout 3 piece of t1. I went with combat damage and crit rating stats. Tons of AA. Althought I dont play the game I still log in to train the AAs, you wouldn't lose out on AA. The maxed out ones are Unholy wards, decisive strikes, invogaration, finely honed, liberation and master assassin, and the rest are dotted with points. Tokens, ok not even worth mentioning but I actually grinded for these, and would certainly help if you wish to work for khitai gears. 831 moa 20 rare throphies 1621 conquest token 21 campaign badge brittle blade (rank 4) Crafting lev60 armors maxed alchemist Raid I've only done t1 and t2 raids Additional stuff 150 gold, eat and drink it 'social' and festive gears kitty pet 50+ free levels (instant 80) Necro is my 2nd character and has all the badass AA trained. Full cultural + t1 gears. Ranger and hox are noobs, but what the heck the ranger can still hit like a truck. So yea if you want a decent pvp sin I'm willing to part if the price is alright.
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