WTS: PVP Sorcerer 55 [Spatalos][Aion EU]

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    Debilikarim's Tome

    Character has 3 gold accessories from udas/beshmundir bosses that arent shown in the screenshot (necklace,belt,ring)

    PVP 40 Set +10 with full manastones

    PVE Stigmas (all required for flame spray), Full PVP Stigmas

    Character has expert tailoring and alchemy for about 300 or so

    There are also some mil inside, 3.2mil sold items on broker, a paralyze godstone and some random udas and beshumndir parts in wh.

    The Generals quest is 1/3 done so you need 2 more generals to get 4k damage godstone.

    There are also some alts inside
    Chanter 22 level
    Cleric 23 level
    Assassin 22 level
    Ranger 34 level with 12% atk speed bow

    Leave your offers here.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.