WTS PVP Prestige Rank 6 Rogue Defiant Briarcliff PVP Server US.

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    Solid character for pvp, hate to let her go but I don't have time to play anymore. For gear she uses three t2 weapons. PVE t2 weapons are just as good as the pvp weapons that she has. Armor, five pieces of rank5/6 gear and the rest is rank 2-3. Planar focus items, has 2 epic 2 blues and 2 greens. Trinkets, has the pvp quest trinket and Guise of Death which turns you into a nasty looking skeleton and Touch of the Shade clicky that makes you glow purple. 110 % speed copper armored war horse bridle. Tradeskills, mining 116 and foraging 142, sorry I am not big on tradeskills spent most my time pvping. Currency, have 50 plat which should be enough for starters. 189 plaques of achievement incase you want to buy any pve goodies. 12591 planarite and 2 inscribed sourcestones. Bank also has some tradeskill items which you can use in the future or sell for a decent amount. 294 Otherwordly Sourcestones. The account has 25 days left of sub time. Looking to sell ASAP. The character has a good rep on the server so it should be easy getting into any guild. She can beat some *** and will beat even more *** when patch 1.2 release (major buff to assassin and marksman). I am the original owner of the account. Please feel free to message me with any questions. Looking for around $500.00 US, but am open to reasonable offers. I am a verified Paypal user. ---------- Post added 04-25-2011 at 03:44 PM ----------
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