WTS PvP Geared L55 Elyos Sorcerer - EU/Perento

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    Armor: Elite level 50 PvP armor with L55 PvP gloves for extra casting speed. All enchanted to +5-6 and socketed with HP +95 and M.boost +27, remodelled and dyed to even look more awesome. Miragent armor set socketed with Magic Boost for PvE 4/5 parts of the new Surama fabled set Weapon: Master Noble Darkwater Orb (eternal) merged with level 50 fabled PvP orb - one of the best weapons for sorcerer in game. Socketed with magical accuracy +14 and HP +95, enchanted to +5 and with General damage godstone. Miragent Jewel merged with level 50 fabled PvP orb, socketed with HP+95 and magical accuracy, enchanted to +8 and with Officer paralyze godstone. Accessories: Eternal level 55 PvP headgear Eternal level 55 PvP necklace Eternal level 55 PvP earing Fabled level 55 PvP belt 2 Elite level 50 PvP rings 2 Elite level 50 PvP earings PvE accessories Cafts/gathering: Master Alchemy with A LOT of very expensive designs - about 400-500 million kinah worth. Master Essencetapping - maxed out (499) Master Aethertapping - close to maxed out (480+) All stigmas from both stigma trees. Character modification: 2 plastic surgery tickets, so you can change the looks of the characters name change ticket a lot of gear remodels including some really rare ones Account: Preorder account that has been active for all that time - you can apply 23 months of veteran rewards to new characters with the 2-year anniversary reward coming soon Spotless account record - never used any cheats, never boted, never even been reported for bad language Account is still active and with game time paid in advance Kinah / Materials 100 million kinah 200-300 million in crafting materials Some rare materials (for Mementos for example) Dyes, including true black, hot pink, deep blue, hot orange, green tea etc - enough of each color for a whole armor set. in some cases for two. The only one missing is true white. Some low level alts with medium-level other crafts. Current offer: 380 EUR Buyout price: 650 EUR PM me with your offer
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