WTS PVP 80 Aquilonian Guardian(Preorder account, War Mammoth+Other Extras)

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    Gear is generally of tanking type, a few different items, Some of the crafted pre Raid items. Has 2 professions, Blacksmithing, and Alchemy, both pretty high end. Account comes with a lvl 25 ToS, other toons not really of mention. See Links below: img507.imageshack.us/i/aocingamecharscreen.jpg/ img194.imageshack.us/i/aocingame.jpg/ img151.imageshack.us/i/aocingame2.jpg/ img154.imageshack.us/i/aoc.jpg/ As you can see in the last screen, Account comes with "bonuses". Totem of Origins: was obtained from a magazine code, and is reasonably rare. Bag of Holding: increases second Bag slot. Was obtained by reactivating account recently and is (20 Slots) I believe. Drinking Cape: Was obtained for being in the Closed Beta of Age of Conan. Snow Mammoth and War Mammoth: 1 was from a Code that came to people that pre-Ordered, and not sure the other one, Both are pretty Rare though. I will be on Aim: topology123 for the next couple hours.
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