WTS PVP 8 BS male + 80 ALT of every class - ranger

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    The accounts shining glory is a lv.80 (as expected) PvP 8 Bearshaman on the US Cimmeria Server. Features : Full tier 2 Savage Fang raid gear, including the weapon. Tier 3 : Belt, shoulders,boots, Gloves and 58 tokens (nearly enough for a helmet/chest or leg piece) Tier 2.5/3 Weapon: Hammer of the Void - +169 strength..wow Bestial Rage: gloves, boots, wrist, shoulders , "MINIGAME" l PVP 8 cloak , as well as rings! around 200 veteran tokens as well as the white tiger mount-fast! 1 year subscription time left!! AA points: I can supply pictures but a brief overview; Spirit of ygrissle (tree), Slueth of bears (companion heal) and multiple others nearly capped including : deliverance, steadfast faith, celestial gaze, feral growl,maul,field of war, and many more!! Additionally the account holds a handsom pick of alternate characters to play on if you get bored of the Shaman. This includes an 80 of every class, aside from a ranger, but hesitate not! as you have nearly 50 offline levels to be used at your slightest whim!!! All the alts have at least 1 epic piece of gear, most with multiple pieces (2-3) of Tier 1/2 gear! The 2nd most geared characters would be a Demonologist followed by a necro! This account allows for a wide range of playstyle and taste. i can give pictures if interested . Asking price can be negotiated, starting bidding at 300$$ (US) Before you decide you would like to buy this account however openly know this: I will recieve payment before i allow you control of the account/give you the login information. Ive been scammed one to many times and most recently out of a 400$ value wow account. Come one come all, an account to make the enemy fall! PM at once!
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