WTS PvP 55 Spiritmaster + 3x 50+twinks Kromede ( 1 2)

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    WTS PvP Spiritmaster + 3x 50+twinks Kromede Asmo Biete hiermit mein aion account an offer my aion account angebote bitte -> pm offer please -> pm include 26! month veteran reward mainchar 55 Spiritmaster gear: all socked with green manastones! full 30er pvp set (+10) (maccu set) full 50er pvp set (+10) (mixed hp/mac/mb) full stormwing set (mresi) mboost pve set (2700mboost cap unbuffed) full 55 eternal arena pvp set 2x upgrade (mixed hp/mres/mb) 55er PvP primus pilus gold breast(+10) & hands(for 8%castspeed +5) +10 eternal orb + 3760dmg godstone + pvp fuse 8x mboost27 4x maccu +14 socked NEW +10 Eternal 55 PvP Book + Arena Eternal 55 Fuse 2x Upgrade full maccu +14 socked Craft Alchi 504 (inculde Recept for Fine Recovery Serum & Potion) Cooking 499 Aether 499 + over 200.000.000 kinah (every day, more added) + ALL! morphing recepts for aether + various (50+ platin medals, manastones"mboost attack crit mresi maccu hp", enchantment stones, unique skins etc) twinks: 55 Ranger Full Arena PvP Set full 30 pvp Acc Eternal 55 Bow with silence godstone & pvp fuse Full Fenril 52 Sin 40 blue PvP set 2x crafted lvl 40 gold Attackspeed 10+ swords with slow & blind godstone 30er pvp acc 51 Gladiator Full gold Pve Equip (weaponsmith craftchar) 2x level 10 char (sorc & sin) bank account ist nie negative aufgefallen, hatte keine verwarnung oder ähnliches (3tage ban etc) account is never noticed negative,had no warnings or 3 day bans bei weiteren fragen einfach anschreiben if there any question write me a pm
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Thread Status:
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