Wts PvP 10 guard,pvp 7 Hox,pvp 6 Sin,...

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    Hey, i want to sell my acc. All chars are on asgard except for conq (fury),sin (mitra) Guard pvp 10,very improved AA , over 40.000 Kills,good k/d,2 big T3 parts,some other T3 stuff,Jiang Shi khitai buff,several Hardmode stuff,... aoc.yg/profile?h=VIG7i242 Hox pvp 7,improved AA, over 11.000 Kills,good k/d,nearly full minigame pvp equip,several Hardmode stuff,100 HM token left,... aoc.yg/profile?h=D23XrbuI Sin pvp 6,improved AA,over 8000 kills,good k/d,nearly full T3 equip,except for daggers/big parts,several Hardmode stuff,180 Hm token left... aoc.yg/profile?h=j4_rBusG pvp 4 necro,over 4000 kills,good k/d,... other alts: pvp 3 conq,pvp 2 dt,pvp 2 tos,pvp 2 ranger,pvp 2 barb there are about 15 g on the acc left price:send me an offer
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.