WTS PvP 10 Demo, has EVERYTHING, Crafted T3 Weapon, MAX AA's and 4 80 alts, US server

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    Hello all, I'm selling my PvP level 10 Demo that has everything, including your choice of a crafted tier 3 dagger or staff weapon. I will have the tradeskill resources ready to make it prior to the sale. These crafted weapons are rare, has insane stats on them and it's worth 6000+ gold. Only a handful of people have it, as it's hard to craft and it takes a LOT of materials to make it. The Demo also has MAXED out his AA's which took me 9+ months of hardcore gaming to achieve. So you have the freedom of making different builds for certain situations, whether you want more dps, survivability or a mixture of both, you have the freedom to do so with this Demo. This account has all the gear you'll ever need, be it for PvP or PvE, and have TONS of tokens banked. It also has all 6 of the khitai factions MAXED at rank 4. Here is detailed information about the account: PvP Level 10 Stygian Demonologist: On a US server and it's transfer ready so you may transfer to any server if you wish. Maxed out AA's, every AA you will ever need, it's all there. Has 80 offline levels, the Vaaghasan tiger mount with stealth (fastest mount ingame), Swift horse mount and you can also purchase a Hyrkanian mount if you want, since I'm ranked with them. Also have all the preorder tattoos, pets and xp potions. Tokens: (I have tons of tokens banked you can use to buy whatever you want, epic gear etc...) -Campaign Badges (Mini Game Tokens): 170 -Conquest Trophies (Bori Tokens): 12450 -Esteem Tokens: 12564 -Marks of Acclaim: 4123 -Rare Trophies: 802 -Simple Relic III: 140 -Simple Tropy I: 127 -Simple Tropy II: 305 -Simple Tropy III: 1764 -Vetern Tokens: 246 Maxed Khitai Factions at Rank 4: -Scarlet Circle (Was previously rank 4 with Last Legion to get the cloak) -Brittle Blade -Hyrkanians -Yellow Priests of Yun (Was Previously rank 4 with Children of Yag-kosha to get the ring) -Tamarin's Tigers -Jiang Shi Crafted tier 3 weapon of choice: Comes with account, not selling this seperate. -Filament of Nightmare aoc.yg/item/filament-of-nightmare?h=DNUVIG31 OR -Ell of Torment aoc.yg/item/ell-of-torment?h=HE21MFR5 Full tier 3 PvP armor set: -Helm of Intricate Spite aoc.yg/item/helm-of-intri...ite?h=n8gSjOTP -Tunic of Intricate Spite aoc.yg/item/tunic-of-intr...ite?h=hQ8UZ0R7 -Leggings of Intricate Spite aoc.yg/item/leggings-of-i...ite?h=PDumeWJH -Wristwraps of Intricate Spite aoc.yg/item/wristwraps-of...ite?h=awWVC_Pn -Belt of Intricate Spite aoc.yg/item/belt-of-intri...ite?h=jgfhuonx -Armwrap of Intricate Spite aoc.yg/item/armwrap-of-in...ite?h=63Lv5H6b -Boots of Intricate Spite aoc.yg/item/boots-of-intr...ite?h=uK60vqrJ -Gloves of Intricate Spite aoc.yg/item/gloves-of-int...ite?h=FOSN85PK Full tier 3 PvP accessories: -Highlord's Pendant of Shielding aoc.yg/item/highlords-pen...ing?h=kf6v5I-p -Highlord's Cloak aoc.yg/item/highlords-cloak?h=inSZ7ovc -x2 Highlord's Band of Power aoc.yg/item/highlords-ban...wer?h=47btFIpL Full tier 3 PvP level 10 Weapons: -Highlord's Krys aoc.yg/item/highlords-krys?h=Fjr70tfD -Highlord's Maxim of Entropy aoc.yg/item/highlords-max...opy?h=6KgXKJcJ -Highlord's Staff aoc.yg/item/highlords-staff?h=_PonzuAg Full tier 3 PvE Weapons: These weapons are the best you can get for PvE and better for PvP than the PvP 10 Weapons. -The Infernus of Dagon aoc.yg/item/the-infernus-of-dagon?h=EnMApaqu -Arca of Jaggta-Noga aoc.yg/item/arca-of-jaggta-noga?h=9x7KfSoe -Epithet of Skelos aoc.yg/item/epithet-of-skelos?h=vdrosW8A Full Khitai PvE armor DPS set: This is the best PvE armor set, better than the raid tier 3 PvE gear, but I also have that gear if you want to use it. -Summoner's Crown of Regal Might aoc.yg/item/summoners-cro...ght?h=wy3oG566 -Summoner's Robes of Regal Might aoc.yg/item/summoners-rob...ght?h=_MbsAmVh -Summoner's Leggings of Prestige aoc.yg/item/summoners-leg...playerup.com?h=cCgjE7mn -Summoner's Gloves of Prestige aoc.yg/item/summoners-glo...playerup.com?h=ipYnT4t5 -Summoner's Boots of Sovereign Rule aoc.yg/item/summoners-boo...ule?h=Hr1vm6cC -Summoner's Bands of Sovereign Rule aoc.yg/item/summoners-ban...ule?h=edccfsmh -Blade's Belt of the Grim Cabal aoc.yg/item/blades-belt-o...bal?h=GucrqBBZ -Blade's Straps of the Grim Cabal aoc.yg/item/blades-straps...bal?h=QiR9ZioV Full PvE Khitai Crit armor set: -Blade's Veil of Arcane Death aoc.yg/item/blades-veil-o...ath?h=ux5yn4Xp -Blade's Tunic of Arcane Death aoc.yg/item/blades-tunic-...ath?h=vIUb8NqA -Blade's Breeches of the Grim Cabal aoc.yg/item/blades-breech...bal?h=WwGF6gXJ -Blade's Belt of the Grim Cabal aoc.yg/item/blades-belt-o...bal?h=GucrqBBZ -Blade's Straps of the Grim Cabal aoc.yg/item/blades-straps...bal?h=QiR9ZioV -Blade's Bracers of the Black Arts aoc.yg/item/blades-bracer...rts?h=hUtx5BzS -Blade's Boots of the Black Arts aoc.yg/item/blades-boots-...rts?h=s84HbJPN -Blade's Grips of the Grim Cabal aoc.yg/item/blades-grips-...bal?h=6ZseB8Cz I also have the raid tier 3 armor and 140 simple relic III's if you decide you want to complete the set in the future: -Armbands of Pandemonium aoc.yg/item/armbands-of-p...ium?h=l579al1P -Boots of Pandemonium aoc.yg/item/boots-of-pandemonium?h=ZTgzQgJC -Bracers of Pandemonium aoc.yg/item/bracers-of-pa...ium?h=W148dA7A -Girdle of Pandemonium aoc.yg/item/girdle-of-pandemonium?h=PCshRdqh -Gloves of Pandemonium aoc.yg/item/gloves-of-pandemonium?h=IzwL1BO5 Full PvE Accessories: -Coil of the Viper aoc.yg/item/coil-of-the-viper?h=x_1nHaDu -The Tiger's Will aoc.yg/item/the-tigers-will?h=_jYC5kil -Ring of Memory aoc.yg/item/ring-of-memory?h=oYp3NEIq -Cloak of the Fortified Mind aoc.yg/item/cloak-of-the-...ind?h=ccdkPX4i -Cang-Jei's grin aoc.yg/item/cang-jeis-grin?h=pDLH4ZyI -Amra's Pride aoc.yg/item/amras-pride?h=OzgreHyz -High Priest's Ring of Intelligence aoc.yg/item/high-priests-...nce?h=Vo64RXXM -Scipio's Necklace of Protection aoc.yg/item/scipios-neckl...ion?h=06fUvGIj -Death's Ward aoc.yg/item/deaths-ward?h=r99-82yz Other Epic Gear: -Chronicle of the Ancestors aoc.yg/item/chronicle-of-...ors?h=JnxobCkE -Scholar's Band of the Crescent (Immunity Shoulders) aoc.yg/item/scholars-band...ent?h=zc9TPgMT -Scholar's Pants of the Crescent (Immunity Pants) aoc.yg/item/scholars-pant...ent?h=Uuy9OvVV -Wolf's Gloves of World's Edge aoc.yg/item/wolfs-gloves-...dge?h=eGxqnt5L -Wolf's Leggings of World's Edge aoc.yg/item/wolfs-legging...dge?h=nt6PED37 -Wolf's Belt of World's Edge aoc.yg/item/wolfs-belt-of...dge?h=WO5MuX6r -Shadow's Cord of Ushering Twilight (Evade Belt) aoc.yg/item/shadows-cord-...ght?h=F31JsYd5 -Shadow's Breeches of Ushering Twilight (Evade Pants) aoc.yg/item/shadows-breec...ght?h=lE34ZyFs Older Gear, Full Tier 2 armor and weapons: -Helm of the Bloodmoon aoc.yg/item/helm-of-the-bloodmoon?h=eGwm6cA8 -Shatush of the Bloodmoon aoc.yg/item/shatush-of-th...oon?h=cm53NI1I -Gida of the Bloodmoon aoc.yg/item/gida-of-the-bloodmoon?h=tYd5xgBZ -Armbands of the Bloodmoon aoc.yg/item/armbands-of-t...oon?h=5YseCd7E -Boots of the Bloodmoon aoc.yg/item/boots-of-the-...oon?h=-OsHUdhB -Bracers of the Bloodmoon aoc.yg/item/bracers-of-th...oon?h=7-iShEbS -Girdle of the Bloodmoon aoc.yg/item/girdle-of-the...oon?h=nzzYUrmk -Gloves of the Bloodmoon aoc.yg/item/gloves-of-the...oon?h=B0YEcY0W Full Tier 2 weapons: -The Narthex of Hell aoc.yg/item/the-narthex-of-hell?h=LGUjLBB3 -Zukala's Rites aoc.yg/item/zukalas-rites?h=-maFBSkV -Zukala's Reliquary aoc.yg/item/zukalas-reliquary?h=AMWaVTtB This account also comes with 4 level 80 alts: -80 Assassin PvP Level 4: Has mostly tier 2 raid gear. -80 Guardian: Has full tier 2 raid gear, tier 2 polearm, tier 2 1he, tier 2 shield. -80 Necro: Has a mix of tier 1 and tier 2 gear with the tier 2 dagger and tier 2 talisman. -80 Conqueror: Has a mix of blues, tier 1 and tier 2 gear. This account has more items, too many to list. I'm only taking serious offers for this account, please PM me if you're interested or have any questions. I will leave my instant messenger info below if you want to contact me that way. Messenger/E-mail: deleted AIM: deleted : deleted
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