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    Hello Everyone i am selling my pvp 10 bearshaman that is decked out with almost everything from healing gear'dps gear and all of pvp gear probley one of the best geared bs in the game all around pluse has a few xtra items in claims pluse close to every path already bought but on to the good stuff. Full pvp 10 armor set mask of bestial rage aoc.yg/item/mask-of-bestial-rage?h=cvJVca5D armbands of bestial rage aoc.yg/item/armbands-of-b...age?h=OFKwchGl harness of bestial rage aoc.yg/item/harness-of-be...age?h=NTTA7Asl belt of bestial rage aoc.yg/item/belt-of-bestial-rage?h=4S0d06i6 leggings of bestial rage aoc.yg/item/leggings-of-b...age?h=bM6YoVda boots of bestial rage aoc.yg/item/boots-of-bestial-rage?h=5BFkxtBo bracers of bestial rage aoc.yg/item/bracers-of-be...age?h=xsx-Y-J2 gloves of bestial rage aoc.yg/item/gloves-of-bes...age?h=moH9pt1o Full pvp accessories - only 1 ring due to haveing better ones highlords band of force aoc.yg/item/highlords-ban...rce?h=m3T8Mle0 highlords cloak aoc.yg/item/highlords-cloak?h=inSZ7ovc highlords pendant aoc.yg/item/highlords-pen...ing?h=kf6v5I-p highlords war maul aoc.yg/item/highlords-war-maul?h=Csi1UhC2 T3 gear wepons and accessories bracers of clawingmight aoc.yg/item/bracers-of-cl...ght?h=xM86SWUv armbands of clawingmight aoc.yg/item/armbands-of-c...ight?h=0Ghd8IU footsteps of the void aoc.yg/item/footsteps-of-the-void?h=sZiq6Wef coil of the python x 2 aoc.yg/item/coil-of-the-python?h=o63KpETh ring of strength aoc.yg/item/high-priests-...gth?h=adrldXSk hammer of the void aoc.yg/item/hammer-of-the-void?h=ELI9i0S_ amras pride aoc.yg/item/amras-pride?h=OzgreHyz T2 gear got rid of the rest since no use anymore but still got main piece helm of savage fang aoc.yg/item/helm-of-the-s...ang?h=ZhkE49i1 jerkin of savage fang aoc.yg/item/jerkin-of-the...ang?h=sCvy5v90 leggings of savage fang aoc.yg/item/leggings-of-t...ang?h=ESdm1Kxh Tiger gear (DPS Gear ) very good for pvp tigers belt aoc.yg/item/tigers-belt-o...esh?h=R_7SOhQa tigers pants aoc.yg/item/tigers-arm-st...esh?h=VZ0R6H42 tigers chest aoc.yg/item/tigers-vest-o...law?h=hC6nu91v tigers gloves aoc.yg/item/tigers-gloves...esh?h=wxVO94G6 for those that dont no you need rare tokens to buy the tiger chest or helm pluse 25 gold so your already saveing 25 gold only on the chest since i already have that bought. Other epics sages pauldrons aoc.yg/item/sages-pauldro...ate?h=-rzn0F9x sages leggings aoc.yg/item/sages-legging...ate?h=bpkgc1g_ cang jei's laugh aoc.yg/item/cang-jeis-laugh?h=kinOHWnY Faction wepon club of the wolf rider aoc.yg/item/club-of-the-w...der?h=F-zdgvz8 this wepon is very nice just look at the heal rating useing this while running sleuth of bears is op gives crazy heals all around very good in pvp also for group fights its a must have Tokens Campaign Badges (Mini Game Tokens) - 96 can buy the 1 ring if you like or combo books Conquest Trophies (Bori Tokens) 60 no need to have any Eesteem token - 54 Rare Trophies - 111 almost enough for tiger helm simple relic 3 - 28 enough to buy the t3 boots Vet tokens - 127 Mounts Vaaghasan tiger mount and wolf faction mount ( yes you heard correct) Swift horse Blue snow mammoth Khitai combo books shrewd blow 6 Ferocious smack 5 ( very good in pvp pretty much insatnt KB) Khitai Factions Children of yag kosha - Rank 4 Tamarin's tigers - Rank 4 Wolves of the steppes - Rank 4 Jiang Shi - Rank 4 Scarlet Circle - Rank 3 Brittle Blade - Rank 1 My AA img263.imageshack.us/f/shamaa.jpg/ As you can see my AA's are almost maxed pretty much everything you need is max got all the major and 6 man AA's you would ever need Account also comes with a few alts 80 DT pvp 3 some T1&T2 has major AA VOM and others can list in more detail if asked 80 Barb just blue gear with some AA 80 guard has major AA for pvp PI and some others PVP 5 with some mini game boots 80 Demo just blue gear with some AA some other low lvl toons that are not 80 yet I'm only taking serious offers for this account PM with any questions you have
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