WTS: Professional ISK business looking for backers.

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    Note: I am not a professional ISK seller and am not advertising my service or services in this thread, nor am I advertising, vouching for or referring users to any service I do or do not own. This thread is one to purchase bulk amounts of ISK and nothing else. ---------------------------- Looking to buy between 100Bil to 500Bil per month for customers. I currently have Alliance buy orders totaling up to approximately Six Trillion ISK, and would rather not make any of these people wait. I will only buy ISK via legitimate methods such as material scamming, contracts, freighter resource deposits, or corporate wallet exchanges. No risque or insecure transfers will be tolerated and will be reported as per rules if anything bad comes of them. At no time will a need to be used, but one can be used if the seller wishes for the additional security (and as such must be requested (EXPLICITLY) in this finalized quote sent to them for the purchase / transaction.) All outstanding / current buy orders will be listed in each bump or reply I make to this post at the time of creation; and will be repeated in each successive post as long as the buy order is still pending or had not been filled, but will be listed as such. We offer orders ranging in size of 500 mil to 1 tril to our customers, and many payment plans are offered for those concerned about security or safety of their account in the eyes of CCP for orders over 5 bil. As I am looking for number BULK backers, we will be offering WHOLESALE PRICING and not end-user pricing. Current Unfilled Purchase Orders: - 6,142,500,000,000 ISK Please contact me via thread reply, Personal Message, or / Steam / / AIM for more information. I will also accept professional email for those who know my address; but will not post such in this thread.
Thread Status:
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