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    WTS Pro WoT EU Acc+email(tanks for CW-eSport all you need) Screenshot by Lightshot I'm selling my account couse i'm tired off the game game and i do not want to play any more. Account details as follows: EFF 1650-+, WN6/7 1720-+, WR 57+%, Hit ratio 73% Total tanks in garage:32 Vacant slots:7 Tanks in garage: France: AMX 50B, 25t, AMX 13 90, Lor. 155 51(70kxp), Germany: E-100, Maus,Love, GW Tiger(200k xp), VK 2801, VK 3002DB, VK 4502A, reasearched: E 50M, Ferdinand, JPanter II, Brittain: Conqueror 170k xp, USA: T110E5, T110E4, M48 Patton,T-32, T-34, T2 Light tank, T1E6,M6, T1 USSR: IS 7, IS 4, Obj. 261, Obj.268, T 62A, IS 3, T 34-85, Tetrarch, reasearched: SU 101 All the tanks come with all 3 modules installed and have a minimum of 2 aditional crew skills. There is about 1M credits and 2100 gold on the account. This is a compleate WoT account for any situatione you might need, it has all moust used and needed CW tanks and well as ALL tanks for eSports playerup, leages and cups you might want to attend. The stats will get you in to 99% of the clans on the server. If you need any aditional info you can reach me by mail [email protected] p.s. Also attached to this email is WoWP account with T6 planes in German and Soviet branch. Price: 600$/460€
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