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    Hey! i wanna sell my prenium lotro account as title says . all areas are unlocked so the only "problem" is that you can not enter ettenmoors with a prenium account which i didn't like much (and after Isengard expansion it won't be a problem at all cause these areas will be free ). Anyways, i have 7xlvl65 characters and a lvl 30 champ (i only don't have warden ) all on server Laurelin in EU. Total gold of the Account is 30g, but making gold is pretty easy grinding some emp scrolls -Hunter has full Moria and BG set, awesome bow/spear and 6.5k morale/ 3k power and 8.9k ranged offence . -Loremaster has full Moria set, 4 DN pieces, 3 Helegrod and 3 BG pieces. Has awesome staff for raid-instance and solo , and nice raid leg book . Has 5.2k morale and 5.7k morale on raid build . -Guardian has full Moria set, 7.2k morale and 2k power. Has awesome one hand weapon for tanking and a nice 2hand axe for solo, belt is nice but not perfect . -Rune-keeper has 4 Moria set pieces and nice 2nd age light stone . He is my last char so not so advanced. -Captain has 3 Moria pieces, 1 BG piece and 4 Helegrod Pieces, has awesome halberd and a medium healing emblem. -Minstrel has 3 Moria pieces, 2 DN pieces and awesome one hand weapon / songbook . -Burglar has 3 Moria pieces but not something special . Generally, Hunter/LM/GRD/CPT/Mins are rdy for raids, at least i have raided with those classes, jewels on all chars are very good, except burglar that i haven't played too much. I have All crafting Guilds Except cooking which i was lvling, and have All SM craft EXCEPT weaponsmith which all tiers are unlocked but only Master Artisan. I have 86k dp. On every class(except burglar) i have you can build some nice Tier 6 relics etc, i just played only with hunter after the patch so made only for him. Maybe the account is not Lifetime, but all areas are unlocked and there are 7 lvl 65 chars, of which at least 5 are rdy for raid, so if anyone is interested, plz PM me with your offer. (I think 800 euro would be a good starting point, but all bids are welcome . Maybe some will think this is a big amount of money, but it's not an account with 1char, it has 7 . ) Thanks for reading , i wait for your offers .
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