Selling [WTS] Pre-Made Accounts (LVL 1)- AWESOME HERO NAMES - Fast delivery - 0.20$ per account

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    Hi, here you can order your new League of Legends accounts, level 1. These accounts are pre-made and they are ready to bot. Accounts are made on ip address and country that belong to particular server type. You can order accounts by country where you going to bot!

    When you order your account, i will contact you on your email/skype/discord contact to give you my payment address. Approximately, from 5 min to max 2 hours for larger orders you will get your accounts.

    If you buy just one time 10 accounts price is 0.50 $ per account. But if you constantly buy accounts and you pass 100 purchased accounts, all next accounts will be 0.20 $ per account no matter the quantity you buy.


    You get username, password and unverified email used on registration!

    I provide only awesome fantasy Summoner-name, a realistic name ( Not like 212312312231 or QQ YY QQ21 )
    You get nice and strong names like ( PsionicDoom, EmperorEudes, Ebonrugon, Evilpack, RomeanMisi, RhalarPal, EvilPack, AngelicCurse, Zaxagork, TitanicSlayer, Thundervine, BrutalKingLeo, Atlastheus, Skaurdaull, Zitsuphis, Thaxain….)


    Price List
    Order 10 Accounts 5 $
    Order 25 Accounts 10 $
    Order 50 Accounts 15 $
    Order 100 or more Accounts 0.20 $ per account


    You can order your accounts on this link:


    Order Pre-made Accounts


    Or you can contact me:

    Ⓢ skype:

    Ⓔ email: [email protected]

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