WTS: Powerleveling Service, Item Equiping, VP Farming! :D

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    Heya! I will be doing Powerleveling for very cheap! My leveling service will inlcude me running your toon through Inferno Missions. I will roll, get a team, and you may /follow or afk through the mission. [COLOR=#FFCC00Powerleveing. </span> Prices will vary between how many levels you want / what level you are. Here are the basic level ranges and prices: 160 - 200 = 100$ ETA: 2-4 days 200 - 210 = 50$ ETA: 2-4 days 210 - 215 = 50$ ETA: 2-6 days 215 - 220 = 100$ ETA: 4-10 days Due to College starting up again, I will not be on as much, so it will take a little longer than my regular no-life winter break days on AO. :p All prices ARE negotiable. <span style=]Twinking[/COLOR] If you are intrested in me equiping items, then we can discuss what you are wanting equiped and discuss the price then. Please no impossible items, I can twink very well. [COLOR=#FFCC00VP Farming. </span> To lazy, bored, fed up with farming VP for your toons? I can farm VP for you! 10k VP = $10 20k VP = $20 30k VP = $30 40k VP = $40 50k VP = $50 60k VP = $60 70k VP = $70 80k VP = $80 90k VP = $90 100k VP = $100 <span style=]span> If you have feedback, you may pay at the end of the leveling. If you have no feedback, you will have to pay half, then half at the end. You may contact me on : [email protected] ALSO, for Powerleveling / Item Equiping, I DO NOT need to log or know your account information at all. It will be harder, and may take longer, but it is not nessacary for me to log your account. Just note, it will take longer. [​IMG] Thank you, I hope to do bussiness with you soon! [​IMG] Might be intrested in doing other services and such if your present them to me. I can do Phone conversations, meet in person(Highly Doubtful anyone lives near me lol) and I can give you feedback / live feedback from people I have done bussiness with before.
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