WTS: PoE Hardcore Account. 76 Marauder, 61 Ranger, 63 Witch

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    Hello fellas, i'm about to quit PoE and as i am in need of money right now i'm willing to sell my account. As mentioned above, its account with 3 hardcore characters. Level 76 Marauder - Melee Mace specced marauder with around 5.000 Life(depending on rings,i swap chaos resist ring in and out when its needed), 80% ele resists,-22 chaos in merciless and 2.1k DPS UNbuffed, as in without any auras which can go up to ~3k. All quests are finished and around 30 maps done( didnt really count) For 2H spec i use 6L item level 72 karui mace which i bought recently. You can also run this build, as i did couple of days ago before i got 6l 2hander, with 1h+ shield with only 2 points respecced which are "slaughter" to "swashbuckler" in the templar tree and blood magic point. BUILD LINK - Passive Skill Tree - Path of Exile Its got pretty good gear as i had no troubles running 66 and 67 maps with ease. All quests are finished and around 30-40 maps done( didnt really count) Level 61 Ranger-"my baby" Melee Sword DW build ranger , sick attack speed,2.7k life, ele resists capped. Used cleave(1.3k dps) as main ability along with dual strike(~1.8dps). Currently in A2 Merciless. Level 63 Witch - My first character, pure summoner witch(life% and minion nodes mostly) which i decided to drop and reroll to marauder. I cant give many detailed infos for this one as i moved 2-3 items(belt,ring,amulet) to marauder when i stopped playing witch so stats are bit messed up which can be rebuilt in matter of seconds in case you decide to play this one. Even without the amulet this witch has 3klife and around 500 ES. Currently in A2 Merciless. For any more detailed information feel free to contact me. Buyer will get a lifetime feedback from me about anything in this game. HF price 300$. Since im new here i suggest the service for fast and clean transaction.Payment methods : Moneybookers or western union. If you are interested PM me and then we can move to in case you want more details. - - - Updated - - - price negotiable
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.