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    Hi everyone! I am selling Path of Exile Currency, Gems, Uniques, Powerleveling, and also a Level 58 Shadow Account and a Level 72 Spork Templar Account. : chickengamer95 Form of Payment: PayPal With FAQ: What have you traded in the past? WoW Gold, WoW Powerleveling, Diablo 3 Gold. What items are on Softcore and which ones are on Hardcore? Everything on my list is on Hardcore How can I get in contact with you? The only way to contact me as of now is . Why are you selling your account? I farm materials on Hardcore and have no need for Softcore characters. Steps To Purchasing An Item Or Service: 1. Contact me VIA and tell me what you would like to purchase 2. We will negotiate a fair price 3. You will order all items through 4. I will deliver all items and / or services and confirm so on 5. You will confirm your delivery on Currency: Orb of Alteration = $.13 Chromatic Orb = $.25 Jeweller's Orb = $.25 Orb of Scouring = $1.00 Orb of Fusing = $1.00 Orb of Alchemy = $1.00 Blessed Orb = $1.00 Cartographer's Chisel = $1.50 Orb of Regret = $2.00 Chaos Orb = $2.00 Regal Orb = $3.00 Gemcutter's Prism = $5.00 Divine Orb = $10.00 Exalted Orb = $20.00 Other: Wisdom Scroll = $.05 Portal Scroll = $.05 Armourer's Scarp = $.10 Blacksmith's Whetstone = $.15 Glassblower's Bauble = $.20 End-Game Maps: NONE IN STOCK Uniques: MANY IN STOCK. CONTACT ME! Powerleveling (Softcore + Hardcore) Contact me!: ***Account*** Shadow LvL 58 (Softcore): $25 Level 58 Shadow ---> Passive Skill Tree - Path of Exile Equipped Gems: Enfeeble Item Rarity Culling Strike Frenzy Dual Strike Faster Attacks Anger Grace Bear Trap x2 Flicker Strike Whirling Blades Life Leech Added Cold Damage Viper Strike +8% Fire Trap +12% ***Account*** Spork Templar LvL 72 (Softcore): $85 Level 42 Ranger Passive Tree ---> Passive Skill Tree - Path of Exile Level 72 Spork Templar Pasive Tree ---> Passive Skill Tree - Path of Exile Templar Equipped Gems & Specs: Purity Discipline Clarity Tempest Shield Summon Skeletons Raise Zombie Conductivity Spell Totem - Spark - Lightning Penetration - Added Lightning Damage - Fork 2400 Life 1250 Energy Shield Maxed Elemental Resists
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