WTS: POE ACCOUNT with 71lvl Shadow (very good gear) and lots of Stash Pages and stuff!

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    Hi I have nice POE account for sell today. Char info: - lvl 71 Etheral Knives caster Shadow - 3850 Effective HP (HP+ES) - capped resists - good gear - at least 5 (closer to 10 i think) exalteds worth (screenshots) - access to endgame maps (i run 66 to 69 maps - no problems - with good rolls ofc) - facerolling trough mercilless (great to farm - you may change gear for MF gear for ledge/fellshrine/docks farm) - running FOUR auras at once Stash info: - 25 pages - one page of currency (no high orbs sry - i sold them separetely) - one page of uniques (couple nice ones like Saffels Frame for example - its about an exalted) - almost all skillgems ingame i think (not sure but plenty), some are quailty, some are preleveled, many supports stored including most expensive and rare ones: Greater Multiple Projectiles and 2x Chain gem - pages full of: leveling rares (you will love twinking alts - trust me), flasks and 4link items. Other stuff info: - 70$ in bought microtransactions - 21 paid stash pages - 7 cosmetic microtransaction (including very climatic Silver Wings) - 20 points left for spending (just wait for nice Deal Of The Day) If you have questions plz email me: [email protected] or me: kabraxismc Im PayPal verified and i will accept only PayPal gift ('im sending money for family and friends' option) as a payment. I have current offer 100$ on other forums (its 70$ in micros so its great price) but i think its worth a little more. Plz send email or message with offer if interested. You can also write a PM here ofc. I think 125$ (or 100€ if you are EU) is fair price. Screenshots including full gear ans some stash, micros, etc: POE - Imgur - - - Updated - - - BTW Its softcore char.. i always forget about includng this info. :p - - - Updated - - - Its also worht mentioning that with Granite Flask (screens) this char have ~23500 armor and 74% physical dmg reduction. He can tank a lot of things. You can increase this further because im not using Enduring Cry or added armor aura.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.