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    Basic Info: Server: Perento [EU] Class: Chanter Level: 55 Race: Asmodian Gear: Armor: 30 AP Abyss Elite set +10 Jewelry : 30 AP Abyss If you buy my account you will also get: Server: Spatalos [EU] Class: Sorcerer Level: 50 Race: Elyos Additional informations: There is also 520K AP currently on chanter and 18 crusaders token. Chanter also has one plastic surgery ticket and 22 platinum medals. Amount of kinah on chanter is: 100M Sorcerer has 12M kinah Chanter stigmas: Sorcerer stigmas: Crafting: Chanter: Essencetapping 293 Aethertapping 409 Cooking 479 Alchemy 421 Sorcerer: Alchemy 399 Essencetapping 347 Aethertapping 301 Cooking 400 You can find some rare recepies as Cippo Aether jelly (4K DP food) and all recepies for consumables casting speed scroll, running speed scroll, flying speed scroll, Fine Life Serum. Character has all morphing recepies from all Upper+Lower+Core+Gelkmaros fortresses! I'm the first owner of this account. This account is completly legit i.e no warnings, bans, botting, ebuying kinah, powerleveling. This account is 9 months old which means that you'll be able to get veteran reward up to 9th month of reward system. What you get if you buy my account: Full access to master account i.e password, security question/answer, serial codes that were used on this account. How to contact me: You can write an personal message here. You can also send an email to ***************************************************** In the subject of email state that you want to buy account. Accepted methods of payment: Paypal Price: I'll start selling this character for 100€-150€.
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