WTS: Path of Exile (SC) Level 77 Ele Sweep HS Marauder - Equipped & End-Game Ready

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    Hello , Up for sale is end-game ready Elemental Marauder. Passive Skills: A total of 97 Passive Skill Tree points have been used for this character. He was built with tankiness and Physical + Elemental damage output in mind. -Over 270% Additional Maximum Health from talents - 43% Increased Armor from talents -50% Increased Elemental Damage and 80% Increased Fire Damage from talents -Over 25% incrased Attack Speed from talents -Over 30% Increased Physical Damage from talents Offensive and Defensive Stats: With his current Passive Skill build and Gear, the Marauder can do upwards of 13,400 DPS with Heavy Strike. What this translates to is 1-shotting practically any high level normal mob, 2-shotting most Champion mobs, and 4-5 shotting Rare mobs. He is an absolute powerhouse. The Marauder has overcapped elemental resists at 80%/80%/80%. it is a good idea to overcap due various end-game map drops and mob-types that debuff your resistances. He has 4.5k HP with his current setup and just under 200 HP regen per second. With this much regen, it allows you to use Blood Magic on his main attack with practically no penalty. Items: - 5 Link Crusader Plate Chest - 5 Link Karui Chopper 2H Axe - 4 Link Shargeen Boots - A plethora of level 17+ gems including: 12% Quality Heavy Strike, Cleave, Ground Slam, Mana Leech, Life Leech, Added Elemental Damage, Added Physical Damage, Added Fire Damage, Reduced Mana, Blood Magic, Hatred, Anger, Sweep, Life Gain on hit, Faster Attacks, and many more. With this many gems, you have the option and the freedom to make whatever build you'd like. -The Marauder comes with 35 Chaos Orbs, 5 GCP's, and a number of Whetstone's and Armourer's Scraps. This is more than enough to get you started on obtaining even better gear. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me. I will answer them ASAP. You Can reach me on : Effex132 This account will be sold through playerup.com UNLESS you are a reputable member of this website. Thanks for checking!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.