WTS: PATH OF EXILE Account (Pre Open Beta) with lvl66 Marauder

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    To moderators: This thread is crosspost from here: PATH OF EXILE Account (Pre Open Beta) with lvl66 Marauder I just didint notice POE has his own place on forums. Please delete the old one thread. Thanks. Account features: - pre-Open Beta acc with 'Supproter' title - Kiwi Pet - 17 Stash Tabs (11 upgraded to Premium) - 2 weapon effects (Lavender ones.. cheap but nice looking) Char features: - lvl 66 Ground Slam/Heavy Strike/Leap Slam/Blood Magic Marauder (Softcore/Deafult League) - unlocked Eternal Laboratory (access to endgame maps) - 2700+ Life, ~127HP/sec Life Regen, Resists: 75/75/75 (Mercilless)/30% run speed increase (preety important with this build atm) - ~1500DPS with AoE Ground Slam (with 0,65 Attack time on 2H weapon!), ~3600DPS on Single Target HeavyStrike - nice highdmg Karui Maul (best maul type ingame) with 6SOCKETS that is ready to using Fusings (to create 6links) - very fast 5LINKED maul as weapon swap (0,5 attack time with this weapon!) Stash features: - 17 stash tabs - some maps - some uniques (4 or smth) - some currency - rare weapons/armors/jewerly and flasks that i stashed for alts etc... - skillgems (i think i have majority that is altm ingame. There is no MASSIVE wealth here but its very good an dcomfortanble start for a new player. You can also sell rares and gems for decent amount of curency. Contact me with offers (but serious ones - its old account with good char (that with confirmed meele changes and buffs (confirmed already by Devs) will be facerolling everything i think - currently its only 'good" ) and some things that are not attainable anymore (title, pet) and i will not sell this very cheap. Microtransaction stuff alone is worth more than 50$ so we start bidding with 60$ (and i think good buyout will be 100$). e-mail: [email protected] : kabraxismc you can also ask questions and whatever you want. EDIT: Im PayPal Verified and i will accept only PayPal GIFT as a payment option.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.